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Keeping your home and its contents sparkling clean takes a lot of effort and time. If you think that curtain cleaning is only for the Martha Stewarts of the world, you need to rethink. Regular curtain cleaning not only increases the lifespan of your curtains but also gets rid of any allergens that lurk in your curtains. Dust Mites and mould spores are the most common asthma triggers, which means it is important that curtain-cleaning experts clean and treat your curtains. We live at a time, where our lives are packed with many things that need our attention and that leaves us with little to no time for cleaning our curtains but just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean that your curtains – or your family’s health – have to pay the price. Our curtain cleaning services are quick, thorough and affordable

Why choose us for your Curtain Cleaning Needs?

cleaning domestic
cleaning domestic

We have earned a reputation for reliability and excellence since 1991.

cleaning domestic
cleaning domestic

We ensure that all our technicians receive expert training from industry professionals.

cleaning domestic
cleaning domestic

We belong to the NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association) as part of our commitment to industry excellence.

cleaning domestic
cleaning domestic

We use approved cleaning materials – keeping your working and living  environment safe

What We Offer



We take out the incovience of removing, cleaning, drying and re-installing your curtains, ensuring minimal downtime and guaranteed clean curtains.

the specialists peace of mind


To organise a visit from our curtain cleaning experts one call is enough

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Our service will be effective, safe and it results in a healthy environment because we offer the highest service quality

Curtain Cleaning tips from the experts:

Hygiene Services

Shake your curtains, and drapes gently when closing them at night, this will dislodge any dirt or dust that is on the surface.

Hygiene Services

Vacuum your curtains regularly and it is recommended to be done weekly with a hand-held vacuum


If it is not possible to vacuum weekly, it is possible to do it at least once a month. This will help avoid dust buildup and all its allergens


Remove unwanted smell with a mixture of fabric softener and water, which will keep your home smelling fresh, it will also act as an anti-static agent too

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