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Many species of snakes in Southern Africa can be harmless and try to avoid people, but there are times when they will meet up with people or other animals. If they feel threatened they may strike, causing painful bites to humans or animals. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a venomous and non-venomous snake which makes professional snake handling the safest option if you find one or more on your property. The Pest Control Specialists offer an effective snake relocation service to protect your property.

Why Choose Our Professional Snake Relocation Services?

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All our snake wranglers are expertly trained and have all necessary and up-to-date permits to provide snake relocations programmes

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The use of any poisons or chemicals are not used for snake relocations and the animal is not harmed

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Snakes are relocated to protected habitat areas

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All of the snake relocation service providers that we use are registered with the appropriate conservation departments

What We Offer

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Snake relocations are done safely and environmentally, so no harm comes to the animal

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Our handlers have the necessary permits and are expertly trained

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We can provide snake awareness training to you, your staff and your family to ensure peaceful co-existence with our indigenous South African reptiles

How To Discourage Snakes From Using Your Property:


Mow your lawn regularly as snakes like to hide in tall grass and weeds


Seal cracks or areas within your property that may invite snakes to seek warmth 

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Keep compost piles contained and turned regularly as they offer a great hiding place for snakes as well as rodents and insects

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Trim overgrown vegetation and remove any piles of debris where snakes can hide

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Keep all woodpiles or any other stacked materials stored off the ground

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