Blog: Poor Washroom Hygiene Risks

Maintaining good hygiene practices in washrooms is essential for ensuring a healthy and safe workplace or commercial space. Poor washroom hygiene not only creates an unpleasant environment but can also increase the risk of health and safety hazards. Here are some of the risks associated with poor washroom hygiene:

Service Perception:

The state of your washroom can impact how people perceive your business or brand. Studies have shown that customers associate an unhygienic washroom with a negative perception of the company. The smell of a washroom is also important in determining overall cleanliness. A smelly washroom can put people off but installing automatic air fresheners and air purifiers can help eliminate bad odours and promote good hygiene practices.

Viruses & Germs:

Washrooms provide ideal conditions for bacteria to breed and spread. Bacteria can transfer to other parts of the washroom every time someone flushes a toilet, leading to the spread of disease and infections. Proper cleaning and the use of cubicle sanitisers can help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Unhygienic Behaviours:

The state of the washroom can also influence people’s behaviour and hygiene habits. Providing easily accessible soap dispensers and sanitisers promotes proper hand washing and reduces the spread of germs.


Disposing of feminine hygiene waste discreetly and hygienically is not only crucial for a clean and dignified washroom experience, but it is also a legal requirement under The Occupational Health & Safety Act and The National Environmental Management: Waste Act.

In conclusion, maintaining good hygiene practices in washrooms is crucial for promoting a healthy and safe environment. Businesses should provide hygiene equipment and consumables, as well as maintenance and cleaning services to create a pleasant, clean, and hygienic environment that promotes good personal hygiene practices. Good hygiene practices also promote a positive image while also protecting the health and wellbeing of their employees and customers.

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